About Lana Chou Hoyt

Lana Chou Hoyt studied flute and music education at University of Western Ontario. She has studied flute with Anne Thompson, Margot Rydall, Christine Moore, and Roxanne Hreha. She had unique opportunities to perform flute choir works by Louis Moyse, a renowned flute player, composer and pedagogue, and Shaul Ben-Meir, owner of Flute World, renowned American flute player and arranger of many flute works. Lana regularly attends various masterclasses and concerts to further her music education including: James Galway, Peter Lloyd, Lorna McGhee, Susan Hoeppner, Bill McBirnie, and Leslie Newman. In 2011 and 2013, Lana had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Counterpoint Community Orchestra and renowned Canadian flute soloist, Robert Aitken.

Lana has over 20 years experience on the flute, and is an active flute and piano teacher. Lana also offers recorder and fife for younger students wishing to learn the flute. She enjoys using the voice, exploring the voice, ear training and sight singing in her teaching for flute, recorder, and ensemble coaching.

Lana has run several successful flute ensembles throughout her student years to the present. Lana founded City Flutes ensemble in 2007 upon returning to Toronto . With City Flutes, Lana has encouraged and fostered musicality and ensemble playing. Currently there are two ensembles under the City Flutes umbrella: Ensemble Skills for adult amateurs and Pro Flutes for freelance flutists in the city. For school aged flute players and musicians, Lana can offer flute ensemble and chamber ensemble coaching.

Lana Chou Hoyt currently plays with the Counterpoint Community Orchestra, Metro Winds TYWO Alumni, directs City Flutes ensembles, and enjoys teaching lessons to children, teens and adults in Toronto.

I would be happy to meet and chat if you are interested and have more questions!

Lana Chou Hoyt
Oakwood Music School
founder & director